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​​Board of Directors

01. Board Agenda-May 23, 2017.pdf
04. Board Minutes 04-18-2017 draft.pdf
07. a. Finance Report, Gary Smith.pdf
07. a. Productivity Summary FY 2017 05-18-2017.pdf
07. c. RRAC training agenda May 23, 2017.pdf
07. d. Exec Comm Minutes 04-25-2017.pdf
07. d. Exec Comm Minutes 05-19-2017.pdf
07. d. Nominating Comm minutes 04-05-2017.pdf
07. e. Bylaws for Board approval.pdf
07. e. Policies for Board approval.pdf
08. a.1 Interim Exec Director, Mark Witte.pdf
08. a.2 IED attachment, Budget Memo.pdf
08. a.3 Customer Service, Cathy Haas.pdf
08. a.4 CS attachment, Boomer Bash Brochure 2017.pdf
08. c. Clinical Services Board Report.pdf
08. d. Corporate Compliance, Deb Trout.pdf
08. d. IT Board Report, Patrick Thebert-Wright.pdf
08. d. IT Secruity Assess May 2017.pdf
08. d. QI Board Report, Kim Bectel.pdf


App Pg 1 for ACCMHS Board (to County).pdf
Strategic Plan 2018-2022  Aug 7, 2018.pdf
App Pg 2 with Provider list (to ACCMHS).pdf
201.1 BOC Enabling Resolution.pdf
201.2 Conflict of Interest Disclosure.pdf
201 Policies May 2019.pdf
FY2020 Budget Public Hearing Notice.pdf
FY2020 Budget Proposal for Approval on 9-17-2019.pdf
Public Notice Vacant Board seat.pdf
201.3 Bylaws May 2019 certified.pdf
ORG CHART generic 02-25-2020.pdf
COVID-19 message to Allegan County.pdf
Board roster April 2020.pdf
Board-Committees, members-dates 4-2020.pdf
Folder: Executive Committee Minutes
Folder: Program Committee Minutes
Folder: Finance Committee Minutes
Folder: Recipient Rights Advisory Committee
Our Mission: Strengthening our community by improving and advocating for the lives of individuals and families.

Our Vision: Building a community which provides integrated behavioral health care effectively, efficiently, and sustainably for all who require it.

Our Core Values: Integrity, Honor, Equality, Innovation, Teamwork, Cultural Competency.

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