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​​Board of Directors

Folder: 2020-01-21 Board Meeting Packets
Folder: 2020-02-18 Board Meeting Packets
Folder: 2020-03-17 Board Meeting Packet


App Pg 1 for ACCMHS Board (to County).pdf
Strategic Plan 2018-2022  Aug 7, 2018.pdf
App Pg 2 with Provider list (to ACCMHS).pdf
201.1 BOC Enabling Resolution.pdf
201.2 Conflict of Interest Disclosure.pdf
201 Policies May 2019.pdf
FY2020 Budget Public Hearing Notice.pdf
Board-Committee Dates, Members 8-2019.pdf
ACCMHS Board roster August 2019.pdf
FY2020 Budget Proposal for Approval on 9-17-2019.pdf
Public Notice Vacant Board seat.pdf
201.3 Bylaws May 2019 certified.pdf
ORG CHART generic 02-25-2020.pdf
COVID-19 message to Allegan County.pdf
Folder: Executive Committee Minutes
Folder: Program Committee Minutes
Folder: Finance Committee Minutes
Folder: Recipient Rights Advisory Committee
Our Mission: To be Allegan County's premier behavioral healthcare organization that promotes, protects and advocates for the health and well-being of every member of the community.
Our Vision: To lead, collaborate and succeed in making Allegan County among the healthiest counties in Michigan where all residents can thrive and prosper.
Allegan County Community Mental Health Services • 3285 122nd Avenue • Allegan, MI 49010 • 269-673-6617 • Contact Us